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1” Square Tubing L Corner

1" Square Tubing L Corner
1" Square 90 Degree Corner Black 90°
1" Square Tubing L Corner
1" Square 90 Degree Corner Black 90°

Our 1 inch square tubing L corners are custom designed to work with our aluminum tubing. These 1 inch L corners are designed for tool free installation. Plastic corners are removable, though rubber mallet may be required. Our 90 degree elbow for 1" square tubing ship fast. Available stock in light gray (silver) and black, and in custom colors (volume dependent). Square tube elbows for 1 in tubing available now!

Our 1 inch square connectors are designed for use with tubing from ~.038" thick up to ~0.50" thick. If you will be using the 1in connectors with your own tubing we always recommend testing to ensure the fit meets your needs.

Our 90° L corners for 1" square tubing are available great in both colors!


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