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Round Telescoping Tubing Locks
Square Telescoping Tubing Locks
Round Tubing And Oval Tubing
Tube Ends, Joiners, & Attachments
1" Square Tubing System - Build-A-Stand
Tables, Table Legs, & Table Parts
Stands & Stand Parts
Bases, Mounts & Clamps
Complete Telescopic Tubing Assemblies
Sheet Metal
Laser Cutting

Wire Forming & Steel Wire Fabrication

Wire Assemblies
Wire Assemblies
  • Testrite fabricates Steel wire in a wide varieties of ways
  • Capabiltiies include cutting, bending, welding, threading, automatic screw machining, and more
  • Steel wire forming pairs with our other capabilities including custom bases, telescoping uprights, and more
The video below highlights many of Testrite's US wire fabrication capabilities which all take place in our US Manufacturing facilities, including:
  • Steel wire cutting
  • Steel wire bending
  • Steel wire welding
  • Steel wire threading
  • Steel wire spot welding
  • Steel wire Mig Welding
  • Steel wire Tig welding
  • Steel wire screw machining
  • Steel wire powder coating
  • Steel bases to attach to steel wire
  • Telescoping uprights with steel wire
  • Steel wire banner stands
  • Countertop banner stands with steel wire
  • Telescopic wire assemblies with base
  • Plastic lock for telescopic steel wire
  • Aluminum (metal) lock for telescopic steel wire
  • Steel T bar assemblies
  • Powder coating steel wire assemblies
  • Steel wire with J hooks and steel wire with eye hooks
  • Steel wire with binder rings or eyelets
  • Steel wire with magnet mount
  • Steel wire with fixture mount / lozier standard
  • Graphic frame with steel wire upright
If you have a custom steel wire project that can utilize our capabilities, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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Wire Assemblies Made to Order