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Round Telescoping Aluminum Tubing Locks
Square Telescoping Tubing
Telescoping Aluminum Tube Ends & Attachments
1" Square Corners, Connectors, Tubing and Accessories
Telescoping Aluminum Tubing and Finishes
Telescoping Aluminum Tube Fabrication & Joining
Bases, Mounts & Clamps
Complete Telescopic Tubing Assemblies
Sheet Metal

Cut to Size

Cut to Size

Any of our materials can be ordered cut to the size you need.

For small quantities and 24/7 ordering visit the Shop Online section

If you need more than just cut to size tubing, including holes, threaded connectors, bases, clamps, or more, visit our Request For Quotation page.
If you need a high degree of precision or if a perfectly flat cut is needed, submit an RFQ today!


Model # Description Material
Custom Cut to Size Aluminum and Steel

Cut to Size Aluminum Tubing