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Square Telescoping Tubing Locks


Square Telescopic Tubing Snap Lock

Molded Square Telescoping Tubing Snap Lock - Our square tubing locks are available for square tubing from 1/2" to 1" in 1/8" increments. Buy just the tube clamp or an entire assembly designed to your specifications. We currently stock square telescopic tubing in steel, though these locks can also be used with compatible aluminum tubing.

Square Tubing Snap Lock & Spring Button

Pair the Square Tubing Lock & Spring Button for even greater strength as well as the ability to define fixed heights. Steel spring buttons are incredibly strong, and the square tubing lock helps to greatly reduce play or wobble between sections.

Square Telescopic Tubing with Spring Button (Only)

In many applications, a spring button is all that's needed to secure a square telescopic tubing assembly. With square tubing there's no concern about rotation, so your spring button will have an easier time lining up with your hole. Keep in mind that without a molded tubing lock, there will be play between the sections.

Square Telescopic Tubing With Retaining Pin

Even stronger than spring buttons, a steel retaining pin with cotter can secure your square telescopic tubing assembly at pre-defined heights. Keep in mind that without a molded tubing lock, there will be play between the sections. Cotter pin can be combined with a molded lock if desired

Square Telescopic Tubing with Knurled Screw

Where infinite adjustability is needed without significant weight bearing, a knob from the side allows telescoping with ease. Keep in mind there's an increase in risk of scratching from this method, though we can flatten the knob end to reduce this risk.

Square Tubing

We stock steel tubing in 1/8" increments from 1/2" to 1". Most assemblies are powder coated after machining. We also stock 1 inch square Aluminum .038" wall tubing, with radiused corners. These aluminum tubes are lightweight, are stocked in silver and mill finish, and are available in black or the custom color of your choice (Qty dependent), and available cut to size or in 144” (12’ lengths).