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Bent Aluminum tube
Bent Aluminum tube
Testrite does aluminum tube bending and steel tube bending in house in Hackensack NJ.

We can bend our aluminum tubing into circles. We can bend our 1" diameter tube into a circle with a diameter as small as 18", while our 1-1/4" tubing we bend into circles as big as 12' diameter and beyond. When we bend complete circles, we typically swedge the ends and install spring buttons, so the aluminum tubing circles can assemble tool free.

In addition to circles, we are often asked to bend aluminum tubing or steel tubing 90 degrees. The radius of our aluminum tube bending does vary depending on the diameter of the tube involved as well as the wall thickness. We currently have tooling for 90 degree bends of aluminum tubes with outside diameter:
1/2" OD / 0.5" diameter
5/8" OD / 0.625" diameter
7/8" OD / 0.875" diameter
1" OD / 1" diameter
1-1/4" OD / 1.25" diameter

In addition to 90 degree bends, we can bend custom bent angles as well, including bending tubing into U shapes and bends to make our tubing into handles and Z bends.

Note - Tube bending often has a minimum volume required. We also make our own tooling in house, so if new tooling is needed for the bend your application calls for, we can often quote that as well.

In addition to aluminum tube bending, we do steel tube bending for thin walled steel tubing. We also are experts in bending steel, which is complemented by our steel laser cutting services as well as our in house powder coating.

If you have a project with volume that calls for aluminum tube bending, reach out to us today. For more information and to help visualize the information above, we encourage you to watch our ~4 minute video on our aluminum tube bending below.


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Aluminum Tube Bending