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Swaged tubing

Testrite performs Manufacturoing as a Service. We manufacture swedged tubes in the USA. We swedge aluminum tubes and we also swedge steel tubes. We can just swedge tubes, or you can pair tube swaging with hole punching, steel spring buttons, powder coating, or nearly any Testrite fabrication service. Need aluminum tubes with a swedge and also bungie corded together? We can do it. Need swedge tubes powder coated? We can do it.

Swaging is an economical way to form aluminum or steel tubing, including to make multiple section leg ends. When swedged, one section nests into the next section. Tubes can be swedged on one side or two. We have tooling to efficiently punch holes in swedged and unswedged tubes for steel spring buttons. Spring buttons enable swadged tubes to connect and stay together easily and without tools. We stock a wide variety of steel spring buttons.

Swaging features close tolerances and provides great strength.  We are tooled up for swedging 3/4" diameter tubes, 1" diameter tubes, 1-1/4" diameter tubes, and 1-1/2" diameter tubes. For custom swedge diameters, there may be a one time, non-recurring setup charge.

Swaging is an aluminum tube forming operation wherein we do an end reduction. The reduction is sized to enable the reduced end to fit into a tube with the same starting diameter. The length of the reduced section is customizable.

Take a look at our video below to learn more about our tube swedging services.


Model # Description Material
Custom Swaged tubing Aluminum

Spring Button Tubes