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Round Telescoping Tubing Locks
Square Telescoping Tubing Locks
Round Tubing And Oval Tubing
Tube Ends, Joiners, & Attachments
1" Square Tubing System - Build-A-Stand
Tables, Table Legs, & Table Parts
Stands & Stand Parts
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Complete Telescopic Tubing Assemblies
Sheet Metal
Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting

Testrite is expert at laser cutting steel sheets. We steel sheets for laser cutting including but not limited to .036" thick, .045" thick, .060" thick, .090" thick, 0.125" thick, 0.375" thick, and 1/4" thick. Our machines are designed to cut up to 1" thick steel without an issue. We can also laser cut stainless steel as well as 5000 and 6000 series aluminum sheets.

Our multiple lasers enable us to cut most shapes imaginable. We upgraded our lasers in 2023 for enhanced speed and quality.

Our steel laser cutting pairs wonderfully with our steel sheet bending, threading, powder coating, and many of our other sheet metal fabrication capabilities. We are proud to manufacture in the USA.

Whether you need a custom bracket to work with your retail gondola system (e.g. from Madix, Lozier, etc), or need a logo cut into a steel base, Testrite's laser cutting services are at your disposal (minimum volumes apply). We have the ability to quickly go from design to prototypes to large scale production quickly.

Need etching on your laser cut part? We can do it! Need a logo? We have a wide variety of logo capabilities, from pad printing to direct printing, stickers to vinyl.


Model # Description Material
Custom Laser cutting Steel

Formed & Laser Cut Bases